This blog is meant to be a space for diverse perspectives. Mine, yours, everyone’s. This is a space where I’m writing, but I want to hear your thoughts on my writing. Barring full on cuss outs — comments are enabled for a reason. We all have our own thoughts and opinions, and we may not agree on everything, or anything, but the world is a better place when we at the very least have understanding of each other’s perspectives.


I’m a total news junkie and I love keeping people up-to-date on whats going on here and abroad in a more entertaining way than the NYT might (cause let’s be honest, even the editorials are dryer than my empty bottles of wine). I really try to keep my writing fresh and funny, but always informative, so if you’re looking for the news with some sass and opinion pieces with even more, you’ve got it.


I’m a millennial blogging about problems I see in the world, I know, cliche, but I also know the best way to reach others is through the internet! It’s actually creepy and so cool that new relationships and friendships can be born from a few keystrokes and emojis. I know people hate the way us millennials operate, but honestly, we’ve forged a new form of communication that — no matter what people say about it — is pretty revolutionary. So, I’m just gonna keep right on being a revolutionary millenial and keep blogging, and I hope you enjoy it :).


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