Why 2016 Really Sucked and Why 2017 Is Going To Be Great

I know…we’ve all been complaining about how bad 2016 was…but if you really think about it, it was an especially shitty year. Not only did we lose legendary celebrities like Alan Rickman, David Bowie, Prince, Doris Roberts, Florence Henderson, George Michael and Debbie Reynolds, but the U.S. elected an orange clown to the highest political office in the nation, and then there’s Brexit

The political, economic and cultural implications of this year’s actions were completely unprecedented and unpredictable, leaving many feeling unsure what the future will hold.

That’s part of the real reason I think so many people — especially young people — hated 2016. It made us question things like having kids, buying homes or cars, staying in the country in which we were born. We’re wondering now, more so than ever, what we’re going to do in this highly polarized and tenacious time in our  history.

And we all lost something this year.

For some of us, we’ve lost some of the magic that once filled our world (I’m not still crying over Alan Rickman, you’re still crying over Alan Rickman).

For others, it’s been a loss of faith in our governments, these systems that we hold so dear and rely on for stability.

Many of us have watched refugees struggle to leave their own countries, and be denied entrance to ours. We’ve seen images of dead and bloodied children, of grief-stricken families trying to hold on to the last threads of their lives.

Videos of black men being gunned down, trucks running thorough crowded markets, and attacks on LGBT individuals gave us new insights into just how horrible people could be.

Seeing these atrocities — things many of us could hardly imagine before — made some of us loose faith in humanity.

Yes, 2016 was a year of loss. And 2017 likely has many more horrors in store, the least of which is the Cheeto that will be sitting the in the Oval Office come Jan. 20 (I couldn’t help myself).

But at the same token, 2017 holds so much promise. A new year is a new opportunity. 365 days to change lives for the better, rebuild burnt bridges, become better people.

Yeah, I know, it sounds super cheesy, but that’s exactly what we need right now. Not just the U.S., but nations worldwide…we need some typical B-list movie love, where we all realize the error of our ways, shake hands, reach across the aisle and try to do right by each other.

Obviously, that’s not going to happen. But there’s honestly no harm in being one of the few people that actually tries to achieve this goal. So, if you’re one of those people that makes New Years resolutions (I’ve decided to stop making resolutions. They’re always the same and I always fail. I still drink like a fish, eat too much cheese and “forget” to work out, so…) let this be one of them: be a source of positivity in 2017.

Be the person that makes someone smile for no reason. Rather than arguing, try listening. Get off of your phone and go to a park. Donate to the White Helmets, run a 5K, travel to another country and learn about their culture, without reservation or judgement.

Be a better you and encourage others to be better as well. Because 2017 will only be as great as you make it.

Happy New Year guys 🙂


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