Millennials: The Worst, #AMIRITE?

While there’s a tendency for every generation to criticize the one that follows it, people seem to harbor a special kind of dislike for us millennials.

There are myriad articles explaining what’s wrong with us as a generation and listing the many “good” reasons to hate us, what with our participation trophies and selfies, constant job-hopping and obsessions with weird lattes and cups of rainbow colored sugar and ice.

The health-conscious hipsters and non-GMO vegans are killing all of the chain restaurants while the Amazon Prime subscribers are systematically shutting down retail stores and plotting the demise of the mall (DEATH TO SEARS! DOWN WITH JCPENNY!).

And good lord don’t even get me started on these obnoxious over-educated college kids that are willing to spend $20 on a piece of toast topped with smashed up avocado rather than investing in their first home.

This is the rhetoric that many of us millennials have been hearing and reading about, and even been confronting, especially in the workplace. And I gotta be honest, I’m WAY over it. And I would think everyone else would be too.

The oldest millennials will be turning 40 in the next few years. Many of them are married, homeowners, with children and normal jobs that don’t include travelling to beautiful beach locales and putting pictures on Instagram for money. So, I think it’s time we stop slating my generation as a bunch of entitled, lazy, narcissistic kids.

This isn’t to say those individuals don’t exist, but it is to say that they exist within every generation, and they don’t make up the entirety of this generation.

In addition, most of these individuals being talked about are your run-of-the-mill trust fund babies that can actually afford the lavish latte-filled lifestyle boomers are so keen to talk about. And again, trust fund babies exist in every generation!

It’s time let go of this whole millennial-hating attitude. We’re here, we’re hard-working, highly educated, frugal and we’re not going anywhere.

Here are just a few reasons why millennials are actually pretty damn awesome:

  1. We’re on track to become the most educated generation to date. Many more millennials are getting their bachelor’s degree in comparison to Gen Xers and Boomers, despite the skyrocketing costs of tuition and the lack of high-paying jobs for those that have a degree.
  2. We’re actually quite frugal, to the dismay of many over-priced retailers. Despite the many voices declaring that millennials are spending their money in the wrong ways by not saving or buying houses, reports show that millennials are trying to save what they can, it’s just a bit harder to do that when you’re paying on large sums of debt with a thin paycheck.
  3. We’re hella diverse and accepting of others. According to the Brookings Institute, millennials are a generation defined by our high racial diversity and according to a GLAAD study, millennials are more likely to identify as LGBTQ or identify as an ally.

In short, millennials are dope AF and we’re taking over, so get over it. giphy (4)


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